Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve answered our most frequently asked questions here but if you have any queries at all, do please contact the Aqua Swimming office by telephone on 01732 455800 or by email on
What programme will my child follow?
Aqua Swimming follows the Swim England (previously the Amateur Swimming Association or ASA) Learn to Swim Pathway where children progress through the plan from early years, Pre-School (Foundation), to core skills, Stages 1 – 7 (Fundamentals) and Sports Skills Stages 8 – 10 (Competitive Swimming). Children work through various criteria at each stage and once they have demonstrated that they can perform ALL the skills criteria in comfort (3 times) they move to the next stage in the programme. Each child will be issued with their personal ‘Aqualog’ which must be brought to each lesson. This helps swimmers to record their progress through each stage in the programme. The Aqua Swimming instructors will continually assess a swimmer at each stage and once all the skills have been passed three times in comfort the swimmer can move to the next stage in the programme. Full details of the criteria at each stage can be found by clicking Swim England Learn to Swim Pathway Stages.
How long does it take to learn to swim?
This very much depends on the individual and how they react and respond to instructions and how quickly they acquire the skills at each stage in the ‘Aqua’ programme. Emphasis is placed on an individual gaining confidence by placing their face in the water and attaining the different core skills at each of the Learn to Swim Pathway stages. Swimmers may stay at the same level for an average of three terms. Swimmers will only be moved up a level once they have completed all the skills at each stage in comfort three times.
Are teachers in the water?
Yes, although this is normally only required for the younger and less able swimmers ie Pre-school up to Beginner 2. Sometimes instructors will give demonstrations in the water in a higher level stage within the Aqua Swimming programme.
How many in a swimming class?
Pre-school classes have up to 4 swimmers. Beginners & Intermediates from 5 – 6 swimmers. Improver and Aqua Swimming Club classes have up to 8 swimmers . The class sizes may vary depending on the availability of pool space.
Where are the lessons held?

At the following locations in Sevenoaks: Walthamstow Hall School, New Beacon School & Tunbridge Wells (Kent College, Pembury). Please see our Venues page for more information.

How long is a swimming lesson?

Lessons are 30-minutes in duration. The Swimming Club sessions are an hour and an hour and a half.

How many weeks in a term?

This varies throughout the year but normally 10-12 weeks (Spring, Summer and Autumn terms).

How is payment made for swimming lessons?
Payments are made via a secure internet credit/debit card payment system. Existing and new swimmers are sent a booking email where a payment link is followed to confirm a place on the ‘Aqua’ programme.  All lesson fees must be paid in advance before the term commences (please refer to the General Terms and Conditions).
My child has grommets. Can they go swimming?
Some doctors may advise against swimming if your child has had an operation to insert grommets, but using an appropriate ear plug can reduce the chance of water getting into the ears and causing an infection. It is advisable to talk with your family doctor, child’s audiologist or specialist ear nose & throat doctor first.
How do I book?

Fill out the online application form HERE which can be submitted direct to Aqua Swimming Ltd or please call the Aqua office on 01732 455800 to discuss the swimmers requirements so that we can place them in the appropriate class. 

What is the swimming pool temperature?
The swimming pools are heated to a temperature of between 27 & 29 C ( 82 – 84F)
Will my child need buoyancy aids/equipment?
Aqua Swimming supply all buoyancy aids (woggles/swim rings) and toys for the swimming lessons. Buoyancy aids are used to learn some of the skills up to a Beginner level in the Learn to Swim Pathway as they provide children with added confidence. Floats and other equipment are used for kicking practices throughout the various swimming levels. Children must supply their own costume, towel and goggles. Children will receive a coloured swimming hat which corresponds to the appropriate swimming level (Pre-school, Beginner 1 & Beginner 2: Navy). (Intermediate 1 & 2: Red). (Improver 1: Green). (Improver 2: Royal).(Improver 3: Pale Blue). The coloured hats identify what level a swimmer is working at and is compulsory for health and safety reasons.  Once a swimmer moves to a different level they will receive a different coloured hat.
Will I be able to spectate/How can I watch the swimming lessons?

For health and safety reasons poolside spectating is not permitted at some locations.  Please check spectating availability with our poolside coordinator or the office when booking lessons.

Is there car parking?
Car parking is available at the swimming pool locations. However, on occasions this is restricted owing to the school’s own use. Aqua Swimming asks parents/carers to park with consideration to other users of the school facilities.