Terms & Conditions of Booking


Bookings for new swimmers will be taken by telephone and payments will be processed by an on-line secure server. All customer details will also be kept on a secure database. Once a booking has been made, an email will be generated to confirm the place that has been booked. To accept the swimming course booked, payment must be made by following the payment link in the email that has been sent. Bookings are only confirmed once payment has been received by Aqua Swimming in accordance with the fees displayed on the company website. Payment for all courses must be made in advance and paid for either by credit or debit card. There is no charge for the use of a debit card but there is an additional fee of £3.00 for a credit card booking. Provisional places for swimming lessons will not be held under any circumstances. At the end of term existing ‘Aqua’ swimmers will be sent a ‘prompt’ email giving notice that they will soon receive a re-booking email allocating a place for the next term’s swimming lessons. Once existing swimmers receive the ‘re-booking’ email, payment must be made (using the secure on-line payment method) within 10 days. Bookings made after the 10 day period will automatically be charged a £10 late payment fee. If existing swimmers miss the booking deadline it is advisable to telephone the ‘Aqua ‘office to check on the availability. New swimmers can telephone to book at any time but if there are no spaces available on the current term’s programme, they will be contacted as soon as a place becomes available. Priority re- booking is given to existing ‘Aqua’ swimmers, however places will be allocated to new swimmers once the 10 day re- booking period has expired.

The ‘Aqua’ programme allows for continuous skill progression throughout the various stages. In this respect ‘Aqua Swimming’ will endeavour to allocate the same location and time slot for the following term’s swimming. Aqua Swimming also takes into consideration other sibling and family members’ bookings. However, the same time slot or location is not guaranteed as each swimming stage cannot be offered at every time slot.


Once a booking has been made where a child has not commenced the ‘Aqua’ programme and a minimum of 3 weeks’ notice period has been given, lessons can be cancelled and the course fee refunded. However, this will be subject to a £20 administration fee per booking. Cancellations that are received within the 3 week period are non-refundable.

No refunds will be given once a booking has been accepted or should any lesson have to be cancelled for any reason outside the control of Aqua Swimming Ltd (this includes swimming pool malfunction) or if lessons are missed owing to holidays, sickness or other absences. It may be possible, on some occasions, to arrange ‘make up’ sessions at the end of the term/following term or offer an alternative class at another venue to attend if a session or sessions are cancelled by the swimming school.

Aqua S.C. members are required to pay fees in advance for the membership year from 1st January in accordance with the Swim England Club Constitution rules and in this respect NO refunds are given to a member of Aqua S.C if their membership ceases intentionally at any time during the year. The payment of fees in full or by post-dated cheque on 1st January commits an Aqua S.C member to a full year’s membership to the club. Refunds in part or whole will not be given for any reason outside the control of Aqua S.C once the new membership year commences on 1 January.


Aqua Swimming follows the Swim England Learn to Swim Pathway in line with British Swimming’s plan for Long Term Athlete Development (LTAD) from the Foundation Stage (Pre-school) to Stage 10 (Competitive Swimming). Each stage throughout the ‘Aqua’ programme has different skills criteria that the swimmer has to accomplish three times in comfort before proceeding to the next stage. The lessons allow for continuous progression once a swimmer has passed each skill at their respective swimming stage. The ‘Aqua’ teaching staff will recommend which stage a swimmer should join for the following term or during the term. However, places in other swimming stages at a similar time slot or location cannot be guaranteed and are also subject to availability. Details of the ‘Learn to Swim Pathway’ can be found on the ‘Aqua’ website www.aquaswimming.ltd.uk following the ‘Classes’ link.

Swimming lessons are normally programmed on a half-hour basis during the school term time. Term lengths vary but are normally about 10 weeks in duration which includes a break of one week at half –term (as listed by Kent County Council). Aqua Swimming will endeavour to offer as many stages per half-hour time slot. However, owing to the pool space and availability this may not always be possible.

Swimmers will be issued with the ‘Aqualog’ which is a personal record of their swimming progress. In this respect swimmers can chart how they are performing in the ‘Aqua’ programme and see the next skills that need to be achieved. The ‘Aqualog’ is to be brought to each swimming lesson by each swimmer for updating when the different swimming skills have been obtained. The skills listed in the ‘Aqualog’ follow Swim England’s ‘Learn to Swim Pathway’. Aqua Swimming & Aqua Swimming Club is an Swim England nationally registered swim school and swimming club respectively. Assessments on the ‘Aqua’ programme will be carried out on a continuous basis but it must be noted by parents/carers that children progress at different rates and some swimmers can swim at the same level for an average of three terms. ‘Aqua Swimming’ teachers and coaches may recommend that a child moves into a higher group during the term once all the skills at that stage have been achieved. However, this is subject to a place being available at a suitable venue and time. ONLY swimmers who have achieved all the skills at a current stage three times in comfort will be able to progress to the next level in the programme.


We aim to make all our swimming lessons a fun environment where swimmers are encouraged to learn new skills to develop them to their maximum potential. In this respect, the Aqua Swimming teaching team expect a high standard of listening and behaviour skills. Disruptive and/or dangerous behaviour will not be tolerated as this affects the learning/safety of the individual as well as affecting other pupils’ safety in the swimming lesson. If for any reason a swimmer is acting in a dangerous/disruptive manner or persistently ignores instructions then a warning is given to the swimmer. Once three warnings have been issued, the swimmer will be asked to sit on the side of the pool for a short ‘cooling – off period’. Aqua Swimming must be made aware in writing of any learning or physical difficulties that may affect each swimmer’s ability to learn, understand instruction or behave in an appropriate manner once they join the swimming programme. It may be necessary whenever it is practicable to discuss a ‘discipline or learning strategy’ with the parent/carer before commencing a course by contacting the Aqua Swimming office. If Instructors experience continued disruptive behaviour or poor listening skills Aqua Swimming reserve the right to exclude the swimmer from the programme for the remainder of the course.


‘Aqua Swimming’ promotes small class sizes and in so doing creates the best learning environment. The beginner groups have the smallest teacher/pupil ratios which increase marginally up to Improver 3 level. Teachers are normally present in the water for the early learning groups. If a swimming teacher is absent for any reason Aqua Swimming will do its utmost to find a replacement, but there are times where unavoidable sickness or other circumstances occur at late notice. If a suitable teacher replacement is not found, Aqua Swimming reserves the right to merge two classes together. Aqua Swimming will provide all swimming equipment and follow safe working practices. In this respect a copy of Aqua Swimming’s Child Protection Policy can be found on the Company website.


Aqua Swimming hires various school facilities and therefore is not responsible for the maintenance or cleaning of the swimming pool facilities. On some occasions pools are not available to use owing to technical problems or for the school’s own use at late notice. In this event, Aqua Swimming will make every effort to contact swimmers by email or depending on the notice, make telephone calls where possible. Parents/carers are asked to give their email address and mobile telephone numbers at the time of booking for the purposes of contacting them to notify of any pool closure. If a pool is unavailable to use owing to technical problems or closure by the school owing to bad weather, wherever possible, a ‘make-up’ session will be offered on an alternative date or venue.


All teachers and coaches are DBS (Disclosure & Barring Scheme) checked and have a nationally recognised swimming teaching and lifesaving qualification. Child Protection Policies are in line with Swim England. Aqua Swimming has a policy of continuous professional development where courses are either offered externally or on an ‘in-house’ basis ensuring that the highest swimming teaching standards are maintained. Aqua Swimming is a Swim England registered swimming school and the Aqua Swimming Club a nationally affiliated swimming club. ‘Aqua’ staff are issued with a staff uniform for them to wear in or out of the water.


All swimmers should wear goggles and close fitting trunks/costumes. The wearing of baggy shorts is inappropriate on the ‘Aqua’ programme and is not permitted as this causes unnecessary resistance in the water inhibiting the acquisition of the correct skills. In the interest of health and hygiene swimmers should wear the appropriate coloured Aqua Swimming cap relating to the correct level which is issued free of charge when a swimmer joins the programme (Pre-school, Beginner 1 & 2: Navy); (Intermediate 1 & 2: Red); (Improver 1: Green); (Improver 2: Royal); (Improver 3: Pale Blue). This keeps long hair out of the face helping to prevent swimmers becoming distracted in lessons. The different coloured Aqua Swimming hats determine the level the swimmer is participating in which assists in the positioning of each swimmer in the pool environment. A small charge (£3) is made for replacement swimming hats.


Poolside Swimming Co-ordinators are in attendance at each swimming pool to ensure that the lesson programme standards are maintained and to liaise with instructors and parents when necessary. Poolside Co-ordinators may not always be available to liaise with parents on the poolside during the session time owing to their involvement on some occasions in swimming teaching. However, it may be possible to talk with Poolside Co-ordinators at the beginning or end of the booking period or if parent/carers need assistance during the swimming lesson programme.


Parents and carers are responsible for the safety and well-being of their children under the age of 16 before the start time and immediately after the end of their swimming lesson. Parents/carers must also ensure that siblings and/or their friends refrain from playing on any equipment not owned by Aqua Swimming and/or playing/ entering on/in other parts of the school grounds/buildings. Items of personal belongings should not be left in the changing rooms/cubicles as this prevents others from using the changing room areas. Aqua Swimming is not responsible for the loss or theft of any personal items left in the swimming pool facility or in the school grounds. If fathers/male carers are accompanying females under the age of 8 years, they are requested to use the male changing rooms. Parents/carers should ensure that their child/children are taken to the poolside in good time to start their lesson. At the end of the lesson parents/carers should collect their child/children from the poolside and return them to the changing area. Aqua Swimming is responsible for children once they come onto the poolside within the allocated lesson time.

Aqua Swimming teachers should not be distracted at any time during the course of the lesson as this is a health and safety issue and also prevents teachers from commencing their next lesson. In this respect, queries should be directed to the Swimming Pool Co-ordinator but this may not always be convenient if they are engaged in teaching their own swimming lesson. Parents can liaise with the Poolside Swimming Co-ordinator, who will be pleased to help with any queries. Parents/carers can contact the administration team at the Aqua Swimming office who will also be happy to deal with any questions.


Parents/carers must notify Aqua Swimming in writing before the commencement of the course, about any known medical condition that will affect the safety of a swimmer booked onto the Aqua Swimming programme. Similarly, any new medical condition occurring once a swimmer has joined the Aqua Swimming programme must be notified in writing immediately to the Aqua Swimming office.


Aqua Swimming welcomes feedback from parents/carers but it is not always possible to take this at the swimming pool venues. The Poolside Swimming Co-ordinator may be available at the beginning, during or end of the lessons to answer questions in relation to the progression or behaviour of a child. If it is not possible to speak with the Swimming Co- ordinator during the lesson programme then any query should be directed to the Aqua Swimming office by telephone or email. Parents/carers must refrain from talking with the teaching/coaching team at any time as this leads to the lessons being unnecessarily interrupted.


Spectating on the poolside is NOT always available at certain venues in accordance with their health & safety and insurance regulations. Where parents/carers are permitted onto the poolside or into a dedicated viewing area, noise levels must be kept to a minimum and young children kept under strict control. Excess noise levels and other activity distracts the swimming teachers making it difficult to gain the attention of each pupil and prevents the learning progress of a swimmer. Food and drink must not be brought onto the poolside at any time. Where a viewing area is available, parents/carers should not demand that seating is provided for their own use.


Aqua Swimming may, from time to time, wish to publish photographs of swimmers either in the press, in the swimmers’ newsletter or company website in accordance with ASA guidelines. Swimmers may have the opportunity to receive a copy of these images which will not be used for any other purposes unless specific individual agreement has been received. Parents/carers will be contacted in writing asking for permission to publish any photographic images in the press, newsletter or company website.

Photographic images will only be used by Aqua Swimming. If at any time you wish your child’s/children’s photo to be deleted from the photo library or if you are NOT willing to agree for your child’s/children’s photograph to be used for the above purposes then please contact Aqua Swimming in writing.

Photography of any description taken by parents/carers (still images or video) is not permitted with a hand-held device at any of the swimming pool venues.


Parking is not provided by Aqua Swimming. However, school facilities do provide free parking at the swimming pool venues which is subject to availability. Parents/carers must observe any parking regulations that are in force at each school facility. Aqua swimming cannot guarantee that car parking spaces are always available and from time to time alternative parking arrangements operate if the school is letting other facilities for a private function. Parents/carers are also asked to park in a courteous manner and show respect for other users of the school facilities.




  1. Bookings and full payment for 1 to 1/1 to 2 swimming sessions must be received by Aqua Swimming in advance using the secure payment link sent via email. Once the payment link email has been received by the person responsible for making the booking, payment for all 1 to 1 and 1 to 2 lessons must be paid within 24 hrs. Outside this period, the booking will be cancelled and offered to an alternative customer. Cancellations for 1 to 1’s received by Aqua Swimming within 24 hrs of the booking period that cannot be re-let will be charged for and no refund for lessons booked will be made. Termly 1 to 1 sessions booked on a weekly basis (10 weeks or more) must be paid for in advance and no pro-rata fees will be accepted if swimmers are only able to make part of the term owing to any known absence.

  2. Parents/carers are required to inform the Aqua Swimming administration team the level and ability of the swimmer who is receiving tuition, including any known medical conditions that may affect them during a lesson period.

  3. No refunds will be made if 1 to 1 or 1 to 2 sessions are missed owing to illness, holidays or any other reason outside the control of Aqua Swimming Ltd.

  4. Confirmation of all lessons booked including the location will be sent by email from the Aqua Swimming office before the commencement of the 1 to 1 lessons. The confirmation email will also contain the secure payment link for all swimming lessons booked. The payment link within the confirmation email is effective for a 24 hr period only.

  5. Swimmers will be allocated a qualified Instructor from the Aqua Swimming team. If for any unforeseen reason a Swimming Instructor is unable to take the booked swimming lesson, Aqua Swimming will seek to find a suitable replacement.

  6. Aqua Swimming reserves the right to change the location of the swimming lesson/s in the event of pool malfunction or breakdown.

  7. If for any reason Aqua Swimming cancels any session/s booked, a credit will be issued to use at another available time.

  8. Parents/carers must arrive at their session in good time to start at the allocated booking time. If a previous lesson is still taking place, parents/carers are respectfully asked to wait on the side of the pool for their Instructor to finish teaching before the start of their lesson.

  9. Parents/carers may at some pool locations spectate but it cannot be guaranteed that seating will be available. If parents/carers are responsible for siblings/other children we respectfully ask that noise levels be kept to a minimum and that strict control of children must be maintained at all times on the side of the pool. Food & drink must not be consumed within the swimming pool areas including the changing rooms. Aqua Swimming reserve the right to ask spectators to leave the poolside if this is not adhered to.

  • Spectators viewing the swimming lessons on the side of the pool must use the protective overshoe covers provided or remove outdoor shoes. This is only applicable at some locations where 1 to 1 sessions are held.

  • Parents/carers must not distract the lesson at any time once a teaching/coaching session has started and to respect the judgment of the Aqua Swimming Instructors. However, it may be possible very briefly to gain feedback from the Instructor at the end of the swimming lesson period.